Kanye West to Pen Biopic, Hand Major Role to Kim Kardashian

He Is the self-proclaimed Jordan of songs.

Based On Radar On-Line sources, the rap artist is teaming with American Psycho writer Bret Easton Ellis to write a biopic about his lifestyle.

It is going to “based to the Yeezus record,” a reference claims,” it’ll star Kim Kardashian and it’ll tells the “story of Kanye’s existence”!

“They Are nevertheless working around the script, therefore it is uncertain as of this stage if Kim is going to be a significant star of the film or creating a smaller cameo,” the insider alleges. “But her part in the film will likely be critical.”

Sort of like her best-known character to day, we presume.

This report continues on to say Kim’s portion in the movie will probably be “quite stunning.”

West “needs to be greatly involved in all areas of generation,” despite his dearth of big screen expertise and seemingly intends to direct the show.

The releasedate remains undetermined, in accordance with Easton Ellis himself, who advised Vice: “It Is Kanye Land, and that is topic to some whole other time frame.”

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